John Muir Elementary School

John Muir Elementary School Vision Statement

John Muir School is an exceptional learning community.

John Muir School is a beacon in our neighborhood that
attracts, welcomes, and maintains our community's children.

All members of John Muir maintain and nurture a positive,
supportive, and respectful environment that promotes
powerful learning and exceptional achievement.

All learners are challenged to go beyond their expectations.

Our diversity is recognized, celebrated, and embraced.

The John Muir Community goes beyond our physical
boundaries and prepares all of our children for a prosperous

All children are masters of all academic areas. They are
involved in both the visual and performing arts.

All learners are capable of making incredible and indelible
contributions to our society.

These visions are supported, challenged, and refined by all.

Santa Monic Malibu Unified School District